Karl Bielik will relaunch Terrace Gallery with a painting group show in the back room
of its new location The William the Fourth Pub, Leyton on September 19th 2019.

Terrace first opened in 2004 as an artist run Gallery in Hackney and showed works from
Artists including Tessa Farmer, Neil Gall, Clyde Hopkins, Annie Kevans, David Leapman,
Eddie Peake and Michael Samuels until it closed in 2007.

Later that year Terrace re-opened in an outdoor reclaimed wasteland near the former Gallery.
Artists were invited to submit work, which was exhibited for one day; the work was then left
outside to decay in situ for a year, until the following year when further submissions were
added to the show. Over the following 6 years, more than 300 works by 162 Artists were
exhibited and a catalogue was produced in 2014 to mark Terrace's closure.

The primary focus of Terrace will be painting and proposals will be accepted for group shows
from curators. Send a simple one page maximum outline of your proposal with Artists names by email and if it is
of interest you will be asked for more information.