Uncut - ‘The wonky unsettling world it creates is very much Bielik's own’
Mojo - 'A dark subcurrent of industrial noise runs under raspy vocals punctuated by driving basslines that fuel this idiosyncratic album'
Q - ‘Verbal darts over brutal guitar shards and cheap synthetic beats’
The Quietus - ‘That rare breed of band that creates and inhibits an environment entirely of their own making’
Louder than War - 'One of the albums of the year... one of the most exciting albums around'
Rough Trade - ‘Fantastic, sounds like a drunken, dense and dark take on a stooges riff mixed with the repetition of The Fall’
Loud and Quiet - ‘Jerky beats, repetition, strangely cryptic lyrics, wiry guitars and manic psycho-bluesy vocals’
Vive le Rock - 'Swathe upon swathe of FX-laden sonic attack, as Bielik tears out his tortured soul'
Time Out - ‘Another dose of uber-anxious lurching and lo-fi post punk’
Metro - 'The menace lurking just beneath the surface is as contemporary as it is compellingly groovy.'
Norman Records - 'Between the ramshackle party punk of The Cramps and the more eccentric skronk of Beefheart'
Gigslutz - 'An ode to the dysfunctional; brimming with guilty, gritty, passive aggressive tracks.'
Penny Black Music - 'Bielik's songs are gorgeous... funny? No. Worth the agony, most certainly, yes.'
Whisperin' & Hollerin' - ‘Lark carve a grimy, gritty groove... the atmosphere is vaguely chilling, the mood cracked’
Clash - ‘breaks boundaries and connects the dots… rich in invention and fresh ideas’
Artrocker - ‘Full of Magnetic Fields style charm’
Joyzine - ‘Explores the depths of the human condition’
Punk Online - 'It's what makes punk music what it is and Lark are just another dimension’
Music Emissions - ’Stunning in its range of ideas and raw poetic power’
Americana - ‘Rawness, urgency and a sense of claustrophobia by the truckload’
Foxy Digitalis - ‘The vocal tirade is what makes this whole thing’
Alternative Ulster - ‘A sonic masterpiece of instantly recognisable singularity’
Big Distraction - ’A Grimy dark rock 'n' roll beast of a record... ideas simply buzz out of the speakers’
Blaue-rosen - ‘a sonic space which is enveloped in a dark, static melancholy’