Lark - The Last Woman
Released by Standard Lamp Records on the 6th of July 2018.
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Some Press for Lark
Mojo - 4/5 - 'A dark subcurrent of industrial noise runs under raspy vocals punctuated by driving basslines that fuel this idiosyncratic album'
Louder than War - 8.75/10 - 'One of the albums of the year... one of the most exciting albums around'
Vive le Rock - 7/10 - 'Swathe upon swathe of FX-laden sonic attack, as Bielik tears out his tortured soul'
Metro - 4/5 - 'The menace lurking just beneath the surface is as contemporary as it is compellingly groovy.'
Norman Records - 7/10 - 'Industrial electronic pop with grinding beats and lashings of guitar scree'
Gigslutz - 'An ode to the dysfunctional; brimming with guilty, gritty, passive aggressive tracks.'
Penny Black Music - 'Bielik's songs are gorgeous... funny? No. Worth the agony, most certainly, yes.'
Whisperin' & Hollerin' - 'For those with an appetite for the bleak and bizarre, indulge yourselves to your hearts’ discontent.'
Punk Online - 'It's what makes punk music what it is and Lark are just another dimension'