Footfall Art, Walthamstow Window Gallery, London. Curated by Hannah Knox. Runs 01.03.17 to 26.03.17
Testing 1<2<1<2. Unit 3, London. Curated by John Bunker. PV 25.03.17 to 02.04.17
Steal the Show, Glasgow Open House Festival, Glasgow. Curated by Jessica Wilson. Runs 28.04.17 to 01.05.17
Rochester Art Gallery, Kent. Solo show curated by Matt Bray. PV 07.09.17 to 03.12.17
Contemporary Masters from Britain, China touring the following venues...

The Yantai Art Museum, Yantai, China. Runs 07.07.17 to 03.08.17
Jiangsu Arts and Craft Museum, Artall, Nanjing, China. Runs 10.10.17 to 23.10.17
Jiangsu Arts Museum, Nanjing, China. Runs 30.10.17 to 05.11.17

Studio 1.1, London. 3 person show with Stephen Buckeridge and Lorraine Robbins.
Sluice Art Fair Fundraiser, London.

The Contemporary British Painting Prize 2016.
The Riverside Gallery, London and Huddersfield Art Gallery.
Osman's Xmas Bazaar, Studio 1.1, London.
The John Moores Painting Prize 2016, The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.
Paper Cuts, Transition, London. Curated by Kristin Day.
The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London.
Article 25 Charity Auction, RIBA, London.
B&W, Transmitter, Brooklyn, New York.
Osten Biennial of Drawing, Skopje, Macedonia.
Polyphony, The Wright Gallery, Northport, Michigan.
Summer Salon, Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes, London.
We are the Dead, Kirk Hopper Fine Art, Dallas, USA.
Abstract Strategies, Boecker Contemporary, Heidelberg, Germany.
Kunstlermesse Art Fair 2016, Dresden, Germany. Showing with Pluspace Project.

Contemporary British Drawing, Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, Xi'an Province, China.
Osman's Xmas Bazaar, Studio 1.1, London.
The Seed of it's Opposite, Kelvin College, Glasgow touring to Glenrothes, Scotland. Curated by Jai Llewellyn.
The Black & White Project, Look and Listen at The Sluice Art Fair, London. Curated by Yifat Gat.
Wanderer, Angelika Studios, High Wycombe. Curated by Matthew Macaulay.
From England with Love, Boecker Contemporary, Heidelberg, Germany. Curated By Sabine Tress.
The JHB Archive, Birmingham Open Media, Birmingham. Curated by Jo Gane.
Pulp Painting, Studio Apothiki, Paphos, Cyprus. Curated by Valerie Brennan.
The London Open 2015, The Whitechapel Gallery, London.
Abstract Strategies, Toured Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Essen and Rotterdam. Curated by Jan Holtoff.
Carta, Dalla Rosa Gallery, London.
Wright Gallery, Northport, Michigan, USA. Curated by Sabine Tress.
Family Ties, 500X Gallery, Dallas, USA. Curated by Bonny Leibowitz and Julie Torres.
South of No North, East of No West. CC Projects, Alabama, USA. Curated by Brian Edmonds.
Traces of the Gesture, Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles, USA. Curated by Susan Lizotte.

Noir/Blanc, Look and Listen, Saint Chamas, France. Curated by Yifat Gat.
Restatemant, Galerie Schutte, Essen, Germany. Cutaed by Nina Brauhauser.
The Wright Gallery, Northport, Michigan, USA. Curated by Pier Wright.
White Hours, Studio Apothiki, Paphos, Cyprus. Curated by Valerie Brennan.
Off The Wall, The 9th Terrace Open, London.
One Plus One is One, Curating Contemporary, Alabama, USA.
Infinity : One, Dalla Rosa Gallery, London.
A Dream within a Dream, Bankley Gallery, Manchester. Curated by Matthew Macaulay.
Eight Painters, Kathryn Markel Gallery, New York, USA. Curated by Paul Behnke.
Art Converters, Studio 1.1, London.

First Come, First Served, The Lion and Lamb, London.
Sluice Art Fair, Tanner Street, London.
Exchange Project, APT Gallery, London. Curated by Claire Undy.
Form/Function, Piccadilly Place, Manchester. Curated by Lisa Denyer and Matthew Macaulay.
Now you see it, now you don't, The 8th Terrace Open, London.
Other Objects, The Lion and Lamb, London. Curated by Caterina Lewis and Gwennan Thomas.
What I Like About You North, Imogen Holloway Gallery, New York. Curated by Julie Torres.
What I Like About You, Parallel Art Space, New York. Curated by Julie Torres.
Meditations, The Meter Room, Coventry. Curated by Lisa Denyer and Matthew Macaulay.

Plane Space, The East Crypt, Worcester Cathedral, Curated by Dan Roach.
The Art of Falling Apart, the 7th Terrace Open, London

The Velryba Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
Done Paint Done, The Drawers Gallery, London.
The Creekside Open, APT Gallery, London. Selected by Phyllida Barlow.
A Heap of broken Images, where the sun beats, The 6th Terrace Open, London.
The Marmite Painting Prize III, touring Coventry, Tameside and The Nunnery, London.

The Barbican Arts Group Trust Open, London.
Icons, St. Botolphs Church, London.
BHVU Winter Open, London.
Vintage at Goodwood, A Customized mannequin for an Artists charity auction.
Hang then Decay... It says something to me about my life, The 5th Terrace Open, London.
The Anthea Turner Prize, Compton Studios, London. Curated by Heidi Locher.
The Filthy Songs of Their Fathers, Scapegoat Society, London. Curated by Boyle&Shaw.

The Art Factory, Budapest, Hungary.
And it's Time, Time, Time and it's Time...The 4th Terrace Open, London.
Surface, The Imperial College, London.

The Marmite Painting Prize I, Studio 1.1, London.
Dynamite Fighter featuring Lark, The Royal Academy, London. Curated by Boyle&Shaw.
So Much Wasted Wine... So Many Dead Flowers, The 3rd Terrace Open, London.

Oh Deborah! CA Projects, London.
Departure Lounge, Terrace, London.
Doodles, Noodles and Snippets, Vital Arts, Whitechapel Hospital, London.

Time Flies, The 2nd Terrace Open, London.
New Pain, Vertigo Gallery, London.

Happiness Blues, Terrace, London.
Painting, Y.A. Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

Lexmark European Art Prize, Eyestorm, London.
London Arts East, 291 Gallery, London.
Somewhere, The 1st Terrace Open, London.

36X36, Mafuji Gallery, London.
Art 2002, Stricoff Gallery, New York, USA.

36X36, Mafuji Gallery, London.

Bratri Capku Gallery, Prague.
Do not go gently, Jednorozec Gallery, Prague.