E17 Art Trail 2019
June 1st - June 16th
Open on Saturdays and Sundays 2-6pm or by appointment.

Trade Show

An International collection of over 40 paintings traded with artists over the past ten years by the British abstract painter Karl Bielik.
The collection focuses mainly on abstract painting with works from Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Moldova, Sweden, UK and USA.

Artists Include: Cande Aguilar, David Auborn, Oscar Bauer, Paul Behnke, Diane Bielik, Karl Bielik, Claudia Boese, Valerie Brennan, Ashlynn Browning, Stephen Buckeridge, Susan Carr, Pascal Casson, Inga Dalrymple, Ludovic Dervillez, Brian Edmonds, Terry Ekasala, Patrick Galway, Yifat Gat, Matthew Neil Gehring, Terry Greene, Robert Hall, Kirsty Harris, Russell Heron, Gabrielle Herzog, Caterina Lewis, Meg Lipke, Jai Llewellyn, Matthew Macaulay, Stephen.B.Macinnis, Dale Mcneil, Sarah Mcnulty, Philip.J.Mellen, David.T.Miller, David Myrvold, Melanie Parke, Anne Russinoff, Gert Scheerlinck, Julia Schwartz, Andrew Seto, Jennifer Shepard, Martha Thorn, Alexander Tinei, Julie Torres, Sabine Tress, Kale Tunnessen, Ian White Williams, Douglas Witmer and Stephen Wright.

Trade Show_Bielik243.jpg